It's official!  I'm on VACATION.  I will return MONDAY, APRIL 19th with some changes to my schedule at least through the end of this school year.  I appreciate you patience and hope to have more consistent office hours as school and life becomes more consistently "normal".

While I'm away from the practice from April 5th, 2021 to April 18th, 2021, you may wish to see Dr. Christian Lund HERE at the office. While his office hours are a bit different, I think you'll like the care you receive from my own personal chiropractor during my brief absence.  Dr. Lund's availability will be the times (MWTh 11-1 & 4-6:30) listed on the SKED app or via this web-link using your e-mail address: https://app2.sked.life/webmodule/?key=789d155139a2dbfef3a71a18618fdc889efd4417eaa76dddb66955ba2e45f19b&newClient=false&scheduleNewPatient=true

His office number is (408) 733-3760.

I look forward to seeing you upon my return (April 19th) with my batteries recharged and a renewed level of energy and commitment.

Chiropractically Yours,

DoC Jay


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