About our Fees

Affordable Chiropractic

is dedicated to making chiropractic care easy and affordable: regardless of age, condition, or financial ability to pay!

It is our philosophy to do the following: To love for the sake of loving, to give for the sake of giving, and to serve for the sake of serving.  We will do everything within our power to get the help that you need, no matter what. We promise to take care of you just like our own o’hana (family).  We will discuss your options during your FREE consultation.

Our Fees:

We offer several low cost programs which can assist you and your family (kids benefit from regular chiropractic too) in receiving chiropractic care at a price you can afford.  These programs allow YOU to take control of your health. We offer 4 basic plans based on your needs, and your health care goals: *(ALL Recommendations will be discussed during your FREE consultation.)

Unlimited Chiropractic Membership (UC):

This program will allow you to receive AS MANY chiropractic adjustments that you need each month to MAXIMIZE your HEALING potential. 

Program Member: $175 – $390 per month (depending on duration of program chosen).

ENTIRE Family: Special Program rates apply (ask for more details).

Affordable Chiropractic Membership (AC):

Research indicates regular chiropractic care is beneficial to patients from infancy throughout their lifetime. AC is a great way to ensure you and your family’s health is a top priority.  This membership will allow you to receive up to 4 adjustments per monthAdditional visits are only $33!!!

  • First YEAR:
    • 1 Member:  $143 per month 
    • FAMILY:  $215 per month
  • After the FIRST year:
    • 1 Member: $88 per month
    • FAMILY: $132 per month

Preferred Chiropractic Membership (PC):

For those that prefer our office for their chiropractic needs and want to save money:

$50 per month membership includes:

  • 1 visit per month 
  • Additional visits are $33 each
  • 6-month minimum commitment required
  • Add an additional member for $40 per month
  • Monthly Auto Debit Required

Honor Box System:

It is the heart of our mission to help as many people as possible, no matter what.  We have created the “Honesty Box System” in which each person pays according to their means.  This program allows YOU to take control of your health.  We are committed to providing care focused on your needs that help you make your health the priority it should be. *Terms & Conditions Apply.

No matter what your age, or condition, we are here to help.  We look forward to meeting you.


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