DoC Jay will be RELOCATING :((

MAY 2022

Aloha Practice Members, 

It has been my philosophy to do the following: To love for the sake of loving, to give for the sake of giving, and to serve for the sake of serving.  My mission was to dedicate to making chiropractic care available to anyone and everyone that truly wants chiropractic care regardless of age, condition, or financial ability to pay.  I made a promise to take care of you just like my own family; including the promise to not lie, cheat, or steal from you either.

After serving the heart of the Silicon Valley community for over 14 years, the Bay Area for 17 years, and the State for 20 years, my family and I have made the hardest decision to move out of the Golden State; of which my lovely wife and I have called home for over four decades.  The last couple of years have been very difficult to navigate raising a family and maintaining a business.

Over the next few months, I will apologize in advance if it takes longer during your visits to shed tears (of sadness and joy) and share hugs (because Hawaiians are huggers at heart) with all of my most treasured clients.  I will be out of the office to attend a family event at the end of June, and will take an extended time into July to travel and explore with my ohana.  I will return before August to say my final goodbyes and tie up any loose ends.  

But, you will be in good hands when I am out of the office.  Dr. Christian Lund will be happy and honored to help fill my big shoes (size 14’s) during my time away.  Explain to him what you like and don’t like.  With a little encouragement and guidance on your part, you’ll have yourself a chiropractor almost as good as I am! :p

Mahalo (thank you) for being a part of my practice ohana (family) for all of these memorable years.  It’s truly been a wonderful experience.  Mahalo nui loa for being a big part of it.

Sincerely and Chiropractically Yours,

J. Jay Lashbrook, D.C.

P.S.  Stay tuned for an office event coming soon!

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