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Welcome and mahalo (thanks) for visiting the web site of Affordable Chiropractic, the only office in Silicon Valley offering quality chiropractic care for under $100 per month. We are minutes from Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, & Sunnyvale.

We offer quality chiropractic care at a great price. Imagine: no waiting, flexible appointment times, and no hidden fees! We make chiropractic care easy and affordable. We believe everyone should have access to, and receive, the best chiropractic care.

We accept all patients regardless of age, condition, or financial ability to pay! Please browse this site as an introduction to chiropractic and what it can do for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and serve you!

About DoC Jay

Dr. Jay LashbrookDoC Jay was born and lived most of his life in South Orange County. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry before receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic, with a focus in Non-Therapeutic Chiropractic Care and Optimal Human Performance, at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. He started as an associate in Tustin, California, followed by private practice in Laguna Hills. In 2008, after falling in love with the Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley community, he relocated there, and currently serves as director of Affordable Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA. He has successfully owned and operated a family practice since 2002.

DoC Jay specializes in the care of families, athletes, and individuals by MAXIMIZING the FUNCTION of your entire BEING through your Brain and NERVE system.   He is dedicated to continuing his research and education so he may provide the latest information and techniques for his practice members. His care incorporates a variety of techniques which are tailored to the individual needs of his clients. DoC Jay says:

I love helping each individual be healthier and express his or her full life potential. We live our lives through our nerve system, and when the nerves have interference due to vertebral subluxation (fixations or misalignment of the spinal bones), it disrupts one’s ability to function, heal, be healthy, and ultimately reduces their overall well-being.

Addressing this condition with REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE helps RESTORE NERVE FUNCTION and system PERFORMANCE. It allows the body to function more normally, increasing the mind-body connection, and heal more efficiently and naturally without the use of dangerous drugs and risky surgeries. In addition, through a combination of affordable chiropractic care and a philosophical understanding of how the body works, I can help build the most important foundation for individuals to become more responsible and actively involved in a wellness-based lifestyle.

DoC Jay commonly refers to his mission as “one that is purpose-driven by the possibilities to improve a person’s life to express and live to their highest divine potential.”  The core of DoC Jay’s beliefs is that we all possess the ability to create health and wellness, but too many of us live below our potential because we are constantly besieged by negative stresses which undermine our quality of life.

DoC Jay feels the greatest gift we can give our families, our friends, and ourselves is to achieve our highest potential in LIFE. Being well is more important than just feeling good, and DoC Jay knows safe and natural conservative chiropractic methods have helped millions of people through their aches, pains, and disadvantages of poor expressions of health. For almost twenty years, DoC Jay has transformed his practice into one focused on the inborn and innate ability of each of us to achieve and express our full human potential. He is dedicated to making chiropractic care easy and affordable for his clients — regardless of age, condition, or financial ability to pay. As he likes to say, “You and I should see each other ONCE a WEEK so that I may help MAXIMIZE your FUNCTION and HUMAN POTENTIAL….until one of us dies!”

DoC Jay loves his O’HANA (wife Sarah, his 2 kids; ages 10 and 7), his biker Boxer Harlei, playing and coaching sports, motorcycles, exercising, many DIY projects, dancing, playing the ukulele with a strong desire to learn slack key guitar.