About Pain

How PAIN is handled in our Chiropractic Office:

We do not and can not offer to “treat” any pain or medical conditions.

Chiropractic is the SCIENCE of locating and the ART of correcting subluxations without the use of drugs or surgery. Moreover, it is the PHILOSOPHY that your body can HEAL itself when the nerve system is functioning properly.  We DO NOT TREAT PAIN or DIAGNOSE MEDICAL CONDITIONS here. We detect and correct subluxations to eliminate the interference between the brain and the approximately 70 trillion tissue cells so that you, your family, and our community can function more optimally.

A subluxation interfering with the transmission of health maintaining nerve impulses from your central nervous system to your cells, tissues, organs, glands and/or muscles.

Pain is your brain’s way of signaling you that there are underlying dysfunctions, damage, degeneration, or dis-ease in the body.  If addressing the cause of the dysfunction and enhancing your function through regular chiropractic care is your primary goal, you are at the right place!  If after we have reduced the subluxation and you still have pain or symptoms, we can refer you to other health care professionals that may better suit your goals.  We encourage second opinions and if pain relief is your primary goal, your medical doctor is better equipped to provide medications to mask the symptoms.

Healing is a process that requires timeenergy, and repetition.  Chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well, exercising regularly, reducing emotional stressors, and ultimately staying well adjusted. Our ULTIMATE goal is to help you FUNCTION at your best.